This is what we stand for

Our Protestant Family Centre offers children and families in Gummersbach a contact point for comprehensive counselling and educational services in the field of family and upbringing. We provide children with individual support and a variety of other help. 

A special focus of our organisation is that we offer inclusive spots for children from two to six years of age in all groups. The Federal Participation Act (BTHG) ensures the financing of so-called basic services and day care assistance. Our Blue and Red Groups each offer childcare for six children under the age of three.

Our services

Educational values

teaching of Christian values for social interaction

Language promotion

BISC/HLL, „Fit für die Schule“, speech therapy

Music groups

dance and music projects (performances at events)

Psychomotor education

encouraging of physical activities / support for physical activity

Individual support

from tutors and pedagogical work in small groups

Project work

group works in the fields of education KiBlz NRW

Educational report

learning portfolio (Gelsenkirchener Entwicklungsbegleiter)

Counselling and assistance

regular consultation hours on all educational issues

Support for

combining a family and a career

Parents Café and lunch

with the support of our cooperating partners


of the family centre’s counselling services

Family church services

and mini church services in the kindergarten

Our cooperating partners

With the involvement of further professional partners such as counselling centres, therapists and health authorities, we endeavour to provide families in special situations with fast and targeted assistance. We have been able to cooperate with various institutions and therapists from the areas of care, education, church, social work and counselling as cooperation partners. A list providing the contact details of our cooperating partners can be found here:

In cooperation with the day-care centre of the Gummersbach Youth Welfare Office, a care concept is being developed to support the compatibility of family and career. Childminders take over the support during off-peak hours and are in close contact with us.

Furthermore, we work in groups to develop projects which can include ten different areas of interest (e.g. music and creativity, movement, religious education, science and technology, research and experimentation).

As a family centre under church sponsorship, we work closely with the Gummersbach Protestant parish. This takes place in the form of mini-worship services, family services at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, church festivals, play groups on Fridays in the parish community centre and much more.

We regularly offer various consultation-hours and help in establishing contact in our institution: e.g. psychological consultation-hours, debt advice services, parental counselling sessions, contact with various therapists and the ASD (Allgemeiner Sozialer Dienst) of the city of Gummersbach. A comprehensive directory of all support-group and a wide range of support services in the Oberbergischer Kreis is available.

s part of the networks “Frühzeitige Hilfen (Early Assistance)“ and „Kinderarmut (Child Poverty)“ of the City of Gummersbach, we offer support during the application process for education and participation vouchers for lunch or cultural activities.