Blue Group

Our Blue Group has a total of 20 children aged two to six years. The children are supported and accompanied in their development by four U3 specialists, who provide individual support in all age groups. The room design, toys, sufficient movement (exercise) opportunities and language support also play an important role.

Yellow Group

With 25 children, our Yellow Group is the largest in the kindergarten. As we supervise many preschoolers in the group, we can master great projects, explore and experiment or go on excursions into the forest or the city. Dressing up, painting and crafts are especially popular in our group and we also enjoy gymnastics and dancing – all things exercise!!

Red Group

20 children aged two to six years are part of our Red Group. Once a week we celebrate a small service with the children in our morning circle and every Friday we all do gymnastics together. In addition, we provide constantly alternating activities in small groups to suit the age and level of development of all children. The holistic support of the children is our focus.

Green Group

integrative focus

There are 17 children between the ages of two and six in our Green Group. Five of these children require special help. Every Wednesday we offer a small group programme for improving psychomotor skills. We also have a small service once a week in our morning circle and every Monday we do gymnastics together.